Teaching Philosophy

I know that as teacher I am only a stepping-stone in students development, and it is my responsibility to help them get to the next point on their path. I am certain of that everyone has the ability to create art, especially children and adolescents. I believe a great art instructor facilitates individual talents, challenges students to take risks, both intellectually and artistically, and gives students a solid base of skills with which they can further their growth as artists and people. These are the things I strive to do as an instructor.

As an instructor, I aim to create a classroom environment that is stimulating and challenging while providing a safe place for the students to express their ideas. I wish to empower my students to make their own decisions and conclusions through creativity inquiry. To support this empowerment, I believe it is important to expose students to a plethora of ideas, artists, and art works.

Additionally, I strongly believe in using big ideas to create cross-disciplinarily units, which allows students to create connections for life-long learning. For example, a lesson about community in my class could be correlated to a lesson in literature, science, history, etc. that has the same theme. This exposes the students to different applications of the same theme allowing them to make their own connections and construct their own understanding of what community means.
I recognize that growth in art comes about by experimentation and observation. I believe in guiding students through material exploration and testing before teaching the technical skills of that material. By allowing the students to experiment first, they will gain a better understanding of how a material functions. The students will then later be given the opportunity to take what they have learned and apply it in new ways through making.


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Example Unit + Lesson Plans

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